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Posted by Flat Stanley in Posts on 03 31st, 2011

Hola from Argentina! Here are some cool facts about this amazing country:

– It is the second largest country in South America, after Brazil.

– Argentina has won the Soccer World Cup twice, once in 1978 and another in 1986.

– Argentina has the highest literacy rate in South America. This means more people in Argentina can read than any other country in South America.

– They have a female president: Cristina Fernandez de Kirchner.

We flew into Buenos Aires first. It is a beautiful city, as you can see:

The colorful neighborhood shown in the pictures above is called La Boca. It is one of the poorest neighborhoods in Argentina. It is a great neighborhood to shop in if you are a tourist, since it has a lot of great souvenir shops.

This painting in La Boca is of Diego Maradona, a very famous soccer player in Argentina, as he is regarded as one of the best players of all time. In Argentina, and in a lot of countries around the world, soccer is the most popular sport. Sports like football, baseball and basketball are rarely played in professional leagues in other countries, although there are a few exceptions. Japan, for example, loves baseball.

In America, the White House in Washington, D.C. is the principal workplace of the President of the United States. Well, in Argentina, they have their own version of the White House, except it’s pink, and it is known as the Casa Rosada:

I even got my picture taken with a few Argentine guards in the house:

Argentina is, among others, known for two things: great steak and tango. First, I had really great steak for dinner one night:

I then went to a “Tangueria” for some tango dancing. A Tangueria is kind of like a dance club. I didn’t get very good pictures because it was so dark in there:

Luckily, I found a couple doing the tango on the street the next day, so I was able to get a video:

Now for some good news, and some bad news: The bad news is our trip is at an end. The good news? We will be in the classroom the first week of May!

We will see you soon!

New Zealand

Posted by Flat Stanley in Posts on 03 16th, 2011

Hello friends! I am here in New Zealand, one of the most beautiful countries I have visited thus far. New Zealand is an island nation just south of Australia. Due to its remoteness, it was one of the last land masses to be populated by humans. The first to settle here were the Maori from 1250 – 1300 AD. The Maori are the indigenous population of New Zealand, just like the Native Americans are the indigenous people of the United States. Europeans began to settle here during the 19th century. It became a British colony in 1840.

New Zealand is well known as being the country where The Lord of the Rings movie series was filmed, since the director of the series (Peter Jackson) is from here.  In fact, since we love the movies so much, we went on a tour of some of the movie sites!

First up we visited Wellington, the capital of New Zealand. We went to Weta Workshop, the company who created the special effects and props for The Lord of the Rings series.

While we were in Wellington, we also visited the Te Papa Museum. My favorite part of the museum was the Colossal Squid. It is the only Colossal Squid specimen on display in the entire world.

We learned at the museum that the Colossal Squid is the largest squid species in terms of mass. Humans have hardly ever had contact with this creature. In fact, a male specimen has NEVER been discovered! How interesting!

From Wellington, we visited Kaitoke Regional Park, just outside of Wellington. This is where they filmed the Rivendell scenes (Rivendell is where the elves lived). It was one of my favorite parts of New Zealand:

We headed north towards Auckland, and on the way we visited Tongariro National Park. This was the fourth established national park in the world.

This park is home to three active volcanoes: Ruapehu, Ngauruhoe, and Tongariro. Mount Tongariro played Mount Doom in the movies:

We then headed further north to Matamata, where they filmed the Shire scenes. I loved how picturesque it is:

My final stop in New Zealand (which has nothing to do with Lord of the Rings) was Muriwai Beach on the west coast. This beach has black sand, due to the high iron content by ancient volcanoes in the area. We went on a rainy day, so it seems rather gloomy, but trust me, it is a beautiful beach!

The starfish were my favorite part!

I am off to Argentina, my final stop. Until next time!


Posted by Flat Stanley in Posts on 03 4th, 2011

Hello Mates!

I am writing from the land down under, and I can tell you, it does not disappoint! From famous landmarks, to gorgeous scenery, to fascinating wildlife, Australia has everything to offer!

I started my journey in Sydney. While it is Australia’s largest and most populated city, it is NOT the capital of country, contrary to popular belief. That title actually belongs to Canberra.

My favorite site in Sydney had to be the Sydney Harbor and the Sydney Opera House:

The Opera House was built in 1973 and was declared a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 2007. I sure have seen a lot of those sites in my travels around the world!

I also visited the famous Bondi Beach. It is one of the most well known beaches in the world, due to its surfing conditions and its beauty. I didn’t surf there, however, because you have to be pretty advanced to surf there!

From Sydney I took a road trip down to Melbourne. My friend Christy had to drive, and it was no easy task! You see, in some countries they drive on the left side of the road and the steering wheel in the car is on the right. As you know, it is the opposite in the United States, and Christy had to be very careful!

It took about 2 days to drive to Melbourne, which is on the southern coast of Australia. We took the most scenic route along the eastern coast. Just look at the beautiful scenery!

We made it to Melbourne and took in the atmosphere of the city.

After Melbourne, we headed west to the Great Ocean Road. This is another scenic route along the southern coast of Australia.

We saw kangaroos along the route! I could not get very good pictures, however, because kangaroos are very shy, and they do not like to pose!

And, let me tell you, kangaroos are FAST!

My favorite animals had to be the koalas. Look how cute they are!

And while they do look cute and cuddly, I had to remind myself that these are wild animals, and they are not to be messed with. I made sure to keep a safe distance.

My final stop on the Great Ocean Road were the Twelve Apostles. These are a collection of limestone stacks off the coast. They are named after the 12 apostles of Jesus. This site was probably one of the most gorgeous I saw on my entire world trip.

From here I head to New Zealand. Until next time!