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Sjarta, friends!

Did you know that the Greeks have an entirely different alphabet? It sure is hard to read signs around here, but I am getting used to it!

Greece is yet another beautiful country that I have really enjoyed. You may recognize some of the sites in my pictures. The Greek ruins are really famous!

Flat Stanley at the Theatre of Dionysis

This is the Theatre of Dionysus, one of the earliest theatres in the world! They would put on plays in honor of the god Dionysus.

Flat Stanley at the Parthenon

This is the Parthenon! Perhaps one of the most famous sites in the world, it was an ancient temple built to honor the god Athena. The Parthenon was finished in 438 BC, over 2400 years ago! Can you believe that it has stuck around this long?

Flat Stanley on top of the Acropolis

Here I am at the Acropolis (which means “highest city” in Greek). It is where the Parthenon is located. Behind me is the Greek flag! It is really cool that I am beginning to recognize different countries’ flags.

Flat Stanley at Panathinaiko Stadium

Now this was an exciting site! I am going to share with you a little history on the Olympics:

The Olympics were started in Ancient Greece as a series of athletic competitions between the different kingdoms in the country. Historians still aren’t positive on the exact year that the Olympics were founded, but based on old inscriptions and documents, the most widely accepted year is 776 BC! The ancient games are said to have lasted a few hundred years, but nobody is sure of the exact year they ended.

The Olympics we see today were revived in the late 1800’s. In fact, the stadium where I am pictured above is the Panathenaic stadium, where the first modern Olympics were held in 1896.  In that year, only 14 nations participated, but in 2008, 191 countries participated in the games!

Flat Stanley ready to get on the ferry in Greece

I wanted to travel to some of the Greek islands while I was here, and the best way to travel to the islands is by ferry. Here is the ferry I took to an island called Paros. It took over four hours, but it was OK because they had lots of food to eat on board!

Flat Stanley at the beach in Naoussa

Here I am on the island of Paros, over looking a city called Naoussa.  Isn’t it beautiful? I had so much fun playing in the waves at the beach!

Greek gyro

They had lots of yummy food in Greece, and my favorite food had to be the Gyro. It was pork, tomatoes, lettuce, yogurt sauce, and french fries wrapped up in a pita bread. It kind of reminded me of a taco, but it was a little different.

My next stop is Egypt. Until next time, Trackers!

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