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Salam, friends!

Egypt has been one of the most exciting countries I have visited so far! I am so glad I took those weeks in the Sinai Penninsula (where Nuweiba and Dahab are) to relax, because I really needed it for this trip!

I started my trip in Cairo. I had to be really careful walking around, because there is A LOT of traffic! There were horns honking around me all the time, it was crazy!

I did get to go to the Egyptian museum, which houses over 120,000 artifacts from Ancient Egypt! My favorite part was the King Tut exhibit. You may not know, but King Tut is famous because an archaeologist named Howard Carter discovered his tomb in 1922. He found many treasures in the tomb, including gold necklaces, a golden throne, and coffins made out of solid gold. It may surprise you that King Tut’s tomb has been the only one ever discovered in its original form, as all the others had been robbed. Amazing, isn’t it?

I wasn’t able to take photographs inside the museum, but here are a couple photos I took outside:

After the museum I went to the famous pyramids! This is actually one of the sites that I was most looking forward to, and they certainly did not disappoint.

The biggest pyramid, better known as the Great Pyramid, was built for a pharoah named Cheops. The pyramid took over 22 years to build, with over 100,000 men working on it each year. The pyramid was finished in 2560 BC. Some of the blocks weighed up to 5 tons. Estimated, there are about 2,360,000 blocks. No wonder it is named a Wonder of the Ancient World (the only one remaining, in fact)!

Right next to the pyramids is the Sphinx.

It is actually a lot smaller than the pyramids. It was carved out of stone to protect the second biggest pyramid, which was built for the pharoah (keneru). The Sphinx is over 4500 years old, and the nose has worn away due to erosion.

I went on to see a bunch more tombs and temples. I was really excited to see the hieroglyphics, the alphabet the Ancient Egyptians used.

Then I went for a 4-day trek in the desert. I had so much fun hiking in the beautiful landscape. I even got to go for a camel ride!

My camel’s name was Mona, and she was really nice!

Up next I fly to Nairobi, Kenya. Until next time, Trackers!

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