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Sua s’dei, Trackers! Cambodia is AMAZING, and I am sure you will all agree when you see my pictures!

Cambodia is known for its ancient temples. I went to Angkor, a region of Cambodia that houses ancient ruins. They are certainly a sight to behold:

Angkor is an official UNESCO World Heritage Site. That means it is declared for its physical significance. There are over 1000 temples in Angkor, and it was SO MUCH fun exploring a number of them! I felt like Indiana Jones!

The most famous, and best preserved, temple complex in the area is Angkor Wat, seen here:

It was built for a king named Suryavarman II about 900 years ago! Today it is a Buddhist temple (Remember all those temples in my Thailand post?), and it happens to be the largest religious building today.

Angkor Wat is the building featured on the Cambodian flag:

A French explorer who came upon Angkor Wat about 150 years ago wrote that the ruins were even grander than those in Greece and Rome! You may remember those from previous posts, and I am not sure if that is true, but they are really beautiful.

The monument is made out of an enormous amount of sandstone – 500 million tons (That’s about 1,350 TIMES MORE than the Empire State Building in New York)! That also happens to be the same amount that was used on the largest pyramid in Cairo!

I am off to Hong Kong to celebrate the Chinese New Year! It is the year of the Rabbit, and it should be filled with lots of adventure!

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