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Sabaidee, Friends! I am in yet another magnificent country to explore. It is called Laos, and it just east of Thailand. You may never have heard of this country before, and that is OK because neither had I before I started traveling. Here are some facts about this small country in southeast Asia:

–          The government in Laos is communist. (The United States’ government is a democracy). There are only five countries with communist governments in the world. Besides Laos, they are China, Cuba, Vietnam, and North Korea.

–          Laos gained its independence from France (just like the United States did in 1776 from England) in July of 1949.

–          There are 6.8 million people in the country. There are over 300,000,000 people living in the United States.

–          The people of Laos are some of the most generous in the world. They just don’t understand the concept of NOT sharing. In fact, in the Laos language, the word for “mine” is the same word for “yours.”

I got some great pictures of the Laos landscape:

Like Thailand, most of the citizens are Buddhist. There are some more beautiful Buddhist temples in Laos:

I only spent a few days in Laos, so I didn’t get to see as much of the country that I would have liked. Hopefully I can come back one day to explore a little more!

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